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Intensive Driving Course Specialists throughout the UK. Pass your driving Test in weeks not months. Theory test and practical driving test included in the price.
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Guaranteed Pass Course £2200 including theory and practical tests

As a general rule the day starts at 8am, with tuition sessions lasting 2 hours followed by 30 minute breaks.  A typical day would be as follows.


     08:00 - 10:00                    10:30 - 12:30               13:00 - 15:00        = 6 Hours

(hours can be altered with the agreement of your instructor)

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This course takes place over 8 days .  
Taken as a two week course can be taken as Mon-Thurs on week one then Tues - Fri, week two depending on test dates.

Here is what is included in the course

  • An unlimited amount of driving tuition.
  • First of all 48 Hours of in car tuition with pickup from your home address (47 hours of training plus 1 hour for your driving test.)
  • 1x Theory Test
  • Theory Test study pack (if required);
  •  Unlimited Practical driving Tests

You will first of all go on a 48hr driving course over two weeks with a driving test at the end of it. If you were to fail we would re-train you for 5hrs and then you would take another test, if you were to fail again we would re-train you again for 5hrs and then you would take another test, this would be repeated until you actually pass your driving test. **

You will be taught the full DSA Syllabus for driving, with your progress being monitored and recorded according to the recommended DSA marking system.

To prepare you for your test, your instructor will carry out part of the training around your test centre area and carry out a mock test, where they will talk and act just as the examiner will on your test day. This way when you actually take your test, it will feel as if you have already done a test and you will be able to relax and drive to the best of your ability.

This course is generally suitable for someone with no experience, often the older or more nervous driver, or someone who wants to pay out a set amount of money knowing they will not have to pay anything else to pass their driving test. This course includes unlimited attempts at the Practical Test and one attempt at the Theory test.

Please Note - We are not offering a guaranteed pass 1st time, 2nd time, or even 3rd time. However, what we are offering is that you pay a set amount of money and you will pass your driving test with One Week Driving Course  - GUARANTEED


Schedule for Guaranteed Pass Course

Week 1 Week 2
Monday 6 Hours Monday 6 Hours
Tuesday 6 Hours Tuesday 6 Hours
Wednesday 6 Hours Wednesday 6 Hours
Thursday 6 Hours Test day 5 Hours plus Test

If you fail your driving test One Week Driving Course driving school will put you in for a  6hr re-test course FREE of charge.**

One Week Driving Course Driving School will repeat the 6hr re-test course FREE of charge until you pass the driving test.


 Note - From time to time your Instructor may need to alter the times / days  in which case you will be informed of any changes as soon as possible. cannot guarantee a Driving Test for the end of your driving course week, however we currently have over a 99% success rate of achieving this. If a test is not booked for the last day of your driving course will book the next available test date - Also note your driving test is usually at the nearest Practical Driving Test Center to you, however, if this is not possible we will locate a test at an alternative center within a reasonable driving time. (see Terms & Conditions  for more information)

** Re-tests are arranged Mon - Fri Only.











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