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Intensive Driving Course Specialists throughout the UK. Pass your driving Test in weeks not months. Theory test and practical driving test included in the price.
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Greater Manchester Residential Courses
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Take your Theory and Practical Test all in one week !

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 Why Choose a Residential  Course

For some people, getting away from all the distractions faced at home, can be just what they need. Taking a one week residential intensive driving course means they can focus completely on getting their driving licence without the hustle and bustle of everyday home life.

Our Residential Courses are all delivered on a one student, one instructor, one car basis, so the hours you have in the car will be you gaining driving experience behind the wheel, rather than watching someone else. Many other residential driving courses are delivered on a car sharing basis, so what seems like a good value course, sometimes is because you are only getting half the hours behind the wheel. Watching someone driving is not the same as putting it into practice.

Popular with learners of all ages intensive courses make it possible to learn with a 5 day course what could take up to 14 months to learn taking a 1 hour lesson every week with a driving instructor, (ADI). Source:- Dept for Transport UK.


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