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Intensive Driving Courses, Crash Courses, Intensive Driving Lessons throughout the UK. Pass your driving Test in weeks not months. Theory test and practical driving test included in the price.
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One of our pupils Sam Broadhurst made the front page of the Bury Journal. To view an online version follow the link. Bury Journal
Intensive Driving Courses Salisbury, Intensive Driving Courses Bournemouth, Intensive Driving Courses Southampton.


Sian Drinkwater took a 30hr course with her instructor Rick Wright and passed her driving  test at Bournemouth test Centre.

see personal review in Freeindex.

Intensive Driving Courses Carlisle


Matthew Robson passed his driving test at Carlisle test with Malcolm Smith.

Matthew got just 2 minor driving faults after taking an 18hr course with One Week Driving Course.


Well done to Adam Staves who passed at Cannock Test centre on Thursday 21st October after taking a 12 hr etest course with Chris Narbutas. (unfortunately no photo)
Intensive driving courses MANCHESTER


Well Done to Danny Beswick of Manchester, who passed his test with Terry Apinall, with just 3 minor driving faults.

One Week Intensive Driving Course York, Toby Stokes passes his practical driving test at Scarborough test centre, accompanied by Terry Aspinall.


Toby Stokes from York, took his test at Scarborough, instructed by Terry Aspinall

A pleasant day at the seaside !

One Week Intensive Driving Courses Guildford, Gemma Fisk passes her test at Morden Test Centre.


Gemma Fisk from Guildford took her driving test at Guildford and passed with just 5 minor driving faults after a 30hr course.

An excellent result.


Timothy Williams from Gloucester passed his driving test at Monmouth Test Centre.

Well done Tim and Malcolm Smith.

Intensive Driving Courses Lancaster


Tapiwa Matonhodze took a 2 day retest course at Heysham and passed with his instructor Malcolm Smith.

Pass your driving test in just one week, like Alexander Fowler of Watford did, with just 1 minor driving fault, helped by his instructor Alan Melton.


Alexander Fowler from Watford passed his test with just 1 minor driving fault, taking his test at Borehamwood.

A good result for Alexander and his instructor Alan Melton.


Greg Moreman took a 6 day course and passed his test first time at Gloucester test centre.

"Well done Greg, on your hard work and perseverance during your course. Enjoy your Citroen C2,  Bob."

Sam Broadhurst | Bury Journal


Sam Broadhurst from Bury, turned 17 on March 28th 2010 and passed his practical test on Friday 9th April 2010, just 12 days after turning 17.

Sam took a six day 36 hour course. Fantastic result Sam ! Well Done !


Rhiannon Davies from Connah's Quay took a five day 30hr course with our instructor Malcolm Smith and got that pass certificate.

Well done Rhiannon !

Robert Dillon from Sefton Council, passes his practical driving test at Norris Green Driving Test Centre.  

Robert Dillon of Sefton Council passed with just 3 minor driving faults at Norris Green, Liverpool, with Malcolm Smith as his instructor.

Bury Test Practical Driving Test Pass with just 3 minor driving faults, Josh Ferguson

Joshua Ferguson passed with 3 minor faults at Bury Test Centre

Jason Parker, passes his practical driving test at York Driving Test Centre.


Jason Parker passed his test at York test centre with Dean Simpson as his instructor.


Jane Smith, from Keighley  took a 12hr retest course and got that valuable licence to gain the freedom of the road.


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Average uninsured driver under 30

Less clutter and more speed limits

Women get stressed

Most drivers crash close to home

What a lovely car - shame to crash it!

Teens get spy under the bonnet

Drivers would fail the theory test!

Call to ban smoking in cars

Teach your pupils to lock the car doors!




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